SPOILERS (kanchi singh will not enter swaragini!!!!!)

this is an amazingly wonderful n happy news for me…
kanchi singh will not enter swaragini.there were rumours about her entering the show as laksh girlfriend but it is not true
and kanchi herself confirmed this in her instagram account.

so raglak fans are u happy????
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Kavita is not happy with Swara and Sanskarโ€™s marriage. She is in fact in a big plan to remove Swara from Sanskarโ€™s life. Urvashi is literally supporting Kavita for her plan and she is also in her big plan to remove Swara from Raginiโ€™s life. There will be the fake death of Urvashi and Swara will be blamed for it. The police will take Swara in custody and will be put her in jail for that.
However, Sanskaar and Ragini will struggle a lot to save Swara from getting her in to jail.
As per buzz, Sanskar and Ragini will be exposing Kavita and she will be arrested for her wrong actions. Then Swara and Sanskaar will be tie knot for the second time and their marriage will be materializing. As per report, someone will be going to die in the TV serial โ€œSwaraginiโ€.Who will be going to die the name still has not been cleared.

please comment and let me know your views.

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  1. Yay she’s not coming but plz swap brides. Make it ragsan and swalak

  2. iam sry to say lila how can u say swap brides.rags and laksh are consumed their marriage.hw can sanskar marry rags. hw can swara and sanskar live without each other..if its done iam nt gng watch this serial any more…

    1. I agree wid u sana

      1. yah I totally agree with u this can’t happen….they have consummate….n swalak can never happen never ever….

      2. absolutely..how can u think of swalak and ragsan..that disgusting…the pair are swasan and raglak..and it will be till end..

      1. Yeah u r right…

    2. Ya exactly…d writers won’t swap d brides bcos dat will become a big joke of relationships.

    3. Ya I agree wid u.

  3. actually its not kanchi singh but its kanchi kaul, and she will play cameo role of laksh gf and ragini will b replaced by her

  4. but i still think it is a rumer of ragini exchanging at wedding rounds

  5. But it was reported 2 days after Kanchi’s insta comment, that she will make an entry as Laksh’s ex & will swap with Ragini on the wedding…..!? I am confused!!!!

    1. see this, kanchi singhโ€˜s instagram post:: http://i.imgur.com/R0BZnSt.jpg

  6. Kanchi singh to enter swaragini as laksh exgirlfriend..its written in spoiler also…well it will be relieved in upcoming episodes…

  7. Getting confused… Dnt knw was is gonna happen… Thanks for the update…

  8. Raglak ke saath jo bhi karna hai karo…but please don’t seperate swasan…brides swapping is a very bad idea….i mean how can brothers marry each others wives….i’m sure that this is not going to happen…but yes…Kanchi may take Ragini’s place during the wedding

  9. its too confusing what’s gonna happen…some r saying that she will come some said that she will not come….sooooo confusing….

  10. Swaragini lover

    Laksh will do the same thing that ragini done to Swara on their wedding day,then he will accept the girl he married.
    Ragini will the try to commit suicide the then Swara will come at the right time to stop her,the body will be raginis so that she can appear as a ghost to scare laksh

    1. Swaragini lover

      Also Sanskar n ragini will expose kavita very soon as Nikita Sharma signed on to a new show so her track will be ending soon probably by the end of February

  11. Superb news swasan get married

  12. I quit this serial past 2 months. Because ragini is not quitting the serial. Her role continues this show. I really hate ragini s character. I can t digest her with laksh who is always hero from the beginning. And the sametime swara leaves laksh and madely love with sanskar. I cant accept sanskar as hero because his past. Anyways I just don t care about that pair. I read only viewers comments, not update,then only i knew howmany viewers likes that pair.so what thought are different. If laksh betrayed ragini then I will be back to this serial. Otherwise….OK who cares about my type viewers. Honestly how many viewers accept ragini. If Laksh accept ragini, it s a writers wish because , after all ragini as a title holder and her fans. My point of view she is not worth for grand daughter, daughter, sister, lover,daughter in law and good friend. Better throw her out, put genuine girl (not beautiful. .no problem) to laksh and finalise the pair.

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