Spoilers Combo — 10th November 2015

Swaragini: Ragini tries to instigate Laksh against Sanskaar again. She tells him that Sanskaar is pushing away Swara from himself and letting her go to Laksh, so that Swara’s goodness makes her stay back with Sanskaar seeing his selfless nature. She tells Laksh that Sanskaar will not let Laksh win back his love. Laksh falls in her clever trap and gets angry on Sanskaar. Salman and Sonam will be appearing in the show to promote their film. The Diwali celebrations in the show will bring many big twists in Swara’s life.


Sarla comes as Sadhvi to Shanta Sadan. She says she has become Sadhvi and realized all her mistakes. She gives a Pravachan and tells Shanti why she has taken this step. Shanti is worried seeing Sarla’s new step. There is something fishy. Sarla knows Amit has taken 5 lakhs loan. The goons have kidnapped Amit. Sarla is trying to arrange 5 lakhs by becoming Sadhvi. Will Sarla succeed in easing out money from Kaushalya and Shanti?

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Ishita to reveal Sarika and Ashok’s link…

Mohit’s death to bring much shock for Rathi Family…

Sarla to turn Sadhvi; Amit gets kidnapped…

Akshara to protect Naksh from Tara’s family…

Roshni to fight against unethical medical practices…

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  1. Happy diwali…

  2. if shagun n ishitha wer doing drama den wat was d need for ishitha to act lik dat in front of neighbors adi n ruhi n scare them.. because this may have bad effect on ruhi and adi n they ll b worried abt their mom.. n wat was the need for her to eat chicken she could ve done somethin else.. this show is becoming more n more ridiculous nowadays..

  3. As per me, what ekta Kapoor is showing now is her backup plan. Earlier she wanted to show a horror kind of story. Looking at the trps n comments, the story has been changed. Thats y, from 2 episodes they r trying to convince viewers by giving stupid explanations. And another episode will also b consumed for that. Ok what Ishita did was all her so called plan, including the ’emotions’ which came out after knowing surrogacy news. As per her it ws all fake. But how could she lift raman… Does she know some magic. Leave everything what ws the need of hiding all this frm raman. If she would had told him that his life is in danger, at least raman might had taken care of himself. She did all this big drama n hurt raman so much. And what they are showing,,ashok is raman’s all time enemy but had nvr tried to kill him. And this time ashok is trying to kill him without any concrete reason.
    They r showing all these stupidities, thinking viewers are fools.
    That y, i’ve stopped watching this illogical show.

  4. How could Ishita eat chicken and lift Raman no logic

  5. Have to agree with u Nagashri and ag,also in SSK people inside pots,in which century these guys are living,actually those who watch n give them good trp rating is to be blamed..shows should be like those in a mal channel mazhavil manorama ,Max one year n dat too different plots mostly.. One eswaran sakshiyayi in a mal channel flowers ,started in April will end on this 30th..so new faces and new plots can be shown.Don’t test audience thinking they are fools.We are not fools..

  6. Hlo guys…
    Ishita ne chicken nhi khaya usne puffy rolls khaye n raman ko ulta ltkane k liye unohne wire n magnet mechanism try kra….so chill?

    1. If its acc. To how u said it swara its really cool… ..

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