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Hi guys I’m Maanvi,I’m new in writing for tu so pls excuse me for the mistakes
I have got the upcoming spoilers in all ur favourite shows

YHM Raman-Shagun get married in 24 hours, Ishita-Nidhi face off
The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Shagun gets insecure seeing Raman and Ishita together so she calls Panditji at Bhalla house.
Everyone is surprised to see Pandiji and Shagun tells them that she asks him to fix her and Raman’s marriage date.
Panditji tells them that they will have to get married within 24 hours as it is good time for their life.
Family objects on getting married soon but Raman tells them that if they will get married then what need to find other time.
Raman announces that he will get married Shagun today which makes Shagun happy.
Romi (Aly Goni) and Mihika help Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) catch Nidhi (Pavitra Punia)
Apart from this, Ishita is shocked seeing Nidhi and runs behind her but Nidhi runs away.
Ishita bumps with Romi and Mihika’s care who also tells her about Nidhi alive.
Romi and Mihika tell Ishita that they will help her to catch Nidhi.

Swaragini: Sanskaar takes Rock star avatar getting Swara back 
Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) tries to bring Swara’s (Helly Shah) memories back in Swaragini
The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Ragini tries make Swara recalled her and Sanskaar’s moments by showing her photos.
Swara gets shocked when Ragini tells her about Sanskaar and Swara are married.
Sanskaar is disturbed when Swara who has forgot her memory blames him for shooting her.
Apart from this, Sanskaar decides that he will let Swara go away from him and finds her attraction towards Rock star Saahil.
Rockstar Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) to make Swara fall him again
Sanskaar then takes Rockstar star and Swara bumps with her on stage.
Rock star Sanskaar holds Swara in his arms but he stops showing his feelings to bloom his love in Swara’s heart.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Tanu catches Pavan and Saloni red handed
Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki: Manpreet makes Tanu (Kratika Sengar) admit her love for Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra)
The upcoming episodes of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will show Tanu will finally realize that Rishi was speaking the truth about Pavan and Saloni’s affair.
Rishi reaches Pavan’s house to gain evidence to prove Pavan and Saloni’s affair. Rishi has challenged Pavan that he will expose his affair before he gets married with Tanu.
Till now, Rishi was not able to give any proof to Tanu but very soon, Tanu will see with her own eyes that Pavan is betraying her.
Tanu aware about Bani being against her and Rishi
On the other hand, Manpreet makes Tanu admit her love for Rishi.
Manpreet tells Tals Tanu to accept her love and unite with Rishi but Tanu says that it is not easy for her to do so.
Manpreet assures Tanu that Rishi will support her and Tanu agrees for it but she knows that Bani will never allow her and Rishi to get married.

Krishnadasi: Aradhya turns ghost and tortures Aryan’s family
Pavitra and Nakku plan to prove Aradhya (Sana Sheikh) mad making her drink mango juice in Krishnadasi
The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi shows that Pavitra and Nakku want to throw Aradhya from house at any cost.
Pavitra tells Aradhya that she wants to start new relationship with her and asks Nakku to bring mango juice for her.
Aradhya takes the juice and gets faint on the floor.
Tulsi and Mahant come to see Aradhya and is shocked seeing her condition.
Apart from this, Aradhya wakes up and holds her head feeling some restlessness.
Nakku shouts at Aradhya for destroying Aryan’s life and asks her to get out from here.
Aradhya gets magical powers:-
Ardhay pushes Nakku who falls so far which makes both Pavitra and Nakku sacred.
Aradhya gets some magical power and will uses against Aryan’s family.

1)YKAGH: Rahul fights against Agni using horn powers Upcoming Episode
Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum: Rahul (Karan Kundra) protects Kul Devta’s horn from Agni (Aly Goni)
The upcoming episode will show that Manvi and Rahul struggles to find Kul Devta’s horn.
Manvi finds horns location behind the haveli in the sense forests and tries to find it according to map.
Manvi finds secret passage in the forest and enters the passage to get Kul Devta’s hidden horn.
Rahul takes the horn to the Agni to get free Shilpa from his evil clutches and tries to rescue her.
Agni asks Rahul to give away horn for Shilpa, while Rahul wants to protect horn from evil Agni.
Rahul-Agni’s fight :-
Rahul fights against Agni to free Shilpa and to protect the horn to save humanity as is written in the map.
Rahul knows about the horn power and uses it to fight against Agni aka Kabir.
Rahul will kill and end up Agni’s chapter by using good powers over Kabir’s evilness.

2)Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum: Rahul kills Agni gaining superpower 
Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum: Manvi (Saanvi Talwar) unconscious, Rahul (Karan Kundra) defeats Agni using power of mysterious horn
The upcoming episodes of Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum will show Rahul gaining superpowers with the help of the mysterious horn.
Manvi is injured badly and Rahul feels bad thinking that her bad condition is because of him.
However, Rahul has to fulfill his duty to bringing back Shilpa from Agni.
Rahul reaches Agni’s stable with Guruji and asks for his help otherwise he will not spare him.
Rahul demands Agni to release Shilpa in exchange of the horn.
Shilpa meets Rahul but Rahul plans to not to return the horn otherwise Agni will turn more evil.
Rahul saves Shilpa from Agni
Rahul tricks Agni by throwing dust into his eyes and runs away from there along with Shilpa.
Rahul tries to escape in his car but the car does not start. Rahul worries for his and Shilpa’s life.
However, it will now be seen that Rahul will come to know the real powers of the horn as he will become very strong.
Rahul threatens Agni that he will not spare him as he has the power of the horn.

Credit to: Maanvi


  1. swaragini spoilers intresting waiting to watch swasan new love story swara and sanskar with news costumes…!!! SWASAN rocksss!!!!!!!

  2. Shagun

    What sanskar is rockstar
    Are the writers are mad ???
    Sanskar is business tycoon how cum he will be a rockstar

  3. Nivi

    Okay Swaragini is my favourite drama…I love bothe Swasan and Raglak but more Raglak…This track doesn’t make any sense..Okay fine if Swara loses his meomry Sanskaar trying to get her is acceptable she is his love life…But why RagLak got patched up so soon, Ragini, accepted, married and everything happened in a single episode…I dont know whos fault but its just my pov.. I dont hate Swasan they are really adorable but the problem is why isn’t Raginand Laksh getting space in the scree..They do get but not as a couple..Hoping to get their love track along with SwaSan…When RagLak were having problem SwaSan scenes were not paused so it is kinda unfair that RagLak scenes are not there..This not bashing any couple love both of them its just the thing I talked about importance…

  4. if this is how they are going to reunite swasan its….urghhh show smthing intense yaar i mean a b. tycoon and a rockstar cmon the equation doesnt match at all i simply have no words i just want them back soon together & happy

  5. soniya

    thanks maanvi for latest news and yes special thanks because my favorite show is YKAGH and you mentioned it thnks

  6. Hi maanvi I’m kalpani from srilanka.thank u very much and I really love swaragini.i really excited to watch swaragini and to know what will happen next.again thanks ?????????? ??

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