Spoilers – 9th November 2015


Gaura is smiling after immersing Kokila in water after hiding her in a big box, beneath the idol. Gopi comes to know that Kokila is in the box and decides to rescue Kokila. Kokila feels hard to sustain in water. Urmila tries to take her out of water and throws the rope. Dharam and Gaura’s plan fails when Gopi and Urmila manage to save Kokila from drowning. Meera thinks blood relations can’t be forgotten, and she will save her family whenever they are in danger. Gopi along with Meera and Vidya saves Kokila and jumps in the water to save Kokila.


Thapki’s hand gets injured and it starts bleeding. Bihaan rushes to bandage her hand and cares for her wound. Even though Bihaan is in love with her, but stays silent. However his care towards Thapki shows his loves for her. Thapki wonders what God wants. Dhruv performs the rituals of Dhanteras with his to be wife Shraddha, while Bihaan and Thapki do the rituals together as a couple. Diwali celebrations begins at their house.

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