Spoilers 9th May 2017 Revised

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Dipika dreams of Piyush. Piyush really comes to her room by her balcony window. Dipika wonders if she is still dreaming, did he come to say I love you. She checks him by touch and realizes he has really come. She gets glad and asks him to hold window well. Piyush is drunk and tells her to go to her family and tell them that she does not love him. He falls down the balcony. Dipika runs to see him. Dipika does not understand what he means to say. He tries to tell her that he does not love her.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush’s Kaal avatar comes in front of Bharadwaj family. Kaal pushes Simar and knocks off everyone off his way. Piyush is affected by black spirit. He breaks the door and enters the house. Entire family gets shaken up seeing Piyush. Roshni gets to know about Piyush can be controlled by someone, who knows limiting black magic. Roshni thinks Riddhima can control Piyush. Aarav asks her to trust Riddhima once and give her a chance.

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