Spoilers — 9th March 2016


Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dadi gives the last photo of her husband to Shraddha to get it framed. Shraddha loses the photo by mistake and puts the blame on Thapki. Thapki and Suman try to find the photo. Thapki sees the photo when it is about to get cut by the machine. Thapki saves the photo and goes to confront Shraddha about it. Thapki gets back in Dadi’s good books. Later, the thieves arrive at Pandey Nivaas when the family members are away from home.


Sesha tries getting close to Ritik. Ritik too responds to her love. Sesha has lost her heart to Ritik. She can’t keep herself away from him. Sesha does not know Shivanya is in problem. Sesha takes Shivanya’s avatar when Ritik comes to the room. She flows in emotions and gets touched by Ritik’s love. Ritik gets necklace for Shivanya on their first anniversary. Sesha is glad seeing Ritik’s love and gets carried away.

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Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re

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  1. callmeprincess3

    tei plzzzzz…….

  2. Nooooooo….how can sesha do this…

  3. TPK reports arenot interesting……..

  4. Ek dujhe key vasthe spoilers please

  5. Dadi is so cruel..hw can she be so mean..viewers are lacking interest coz of unending evil plans..motherhood z being made part of cheap plan..dunno hw cum yuvraj is so dumb ..hw cum he accept his failure and take it for granted that suhani is dead

  6. What the hell sesha?? o.o dissapointing…

  7. Siya ke ram spoilers please… 🙂

  8. kaala tika spoilers plz

  9. How can u do like that sesha???????
    Literally hate u………..

    1. Dear, just like shivanya lost her heart to him. Sesha also did the same. Why blaming her?
      Women r weak by heart and they easily loose it to the person who loves her unconditionally. Eg. Ritik

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