Spoilers 9th June 2018

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik gets troubled when he counters with Naira on the way to college. Kartik and Naira get late for the class. They rush to reach first. Kartik reaches late and throws the register angrily, finding hard to accept his defeat. They vent out anger on each other in their own ways. Naitik sees Kartik in the college. He gets happy that the fate is bringing Kartik back in Naira’s life. Kartik doesn’t meet Naitik. Naitik understands that Naira’s dilemma was because of Kartik.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar’s haldi ceremony will be seen. She isn’t happy with Hamdan. Zara congratulates Hamdan. Everyone applies the haldi to the groom and bride. Zara does the Shagun with all her heart. She teases Hamdan. She wants Ruksar to get married and leave from her life. Ruksar burns the Shagun Chunri. She plans something to shock the family. She doesn’t want to get married. She meets Kabeer’s dad and tells him that she wants 1 crore in dowry, as he regards her like a daughter. Kabeer hears her. He tells her that he isn’t her happiness, just Hamdan is her happiness and future. She climbs on the railing and walks madly risking her life. She does a suicide drama.

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