Spoilers 9th February 2018 Revised

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki’s family faces new problems. Nimki returns home after getting troubled by her in-laws. Ram Bachan visits the haveli and learns Singh family has left Nimki. He understands Nimki lied to them till now. He tells the family that Babbu won’t come to take Nimki. He says they asked us to send Nimki back if we want, but we won’t welcome her happily. Nimki gets hurt. She asks him why did he go there, do they have any self esteem or not. Mahua tells her that villagers are taunting Ram Bachan about her stay in Maayka, they are asking when will she go back. Nimki asks who are they to ask about my stay in my Maayka. Nimki gets upset. Nimki realizes her lies are known to her family now.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh gets helpless when he is denied every job. Akhilesh doesn’t get any respect because of Ira’s mistake. He saves a girl with clean intentions, but gets misunderstood like always. Akhilesh gets fed up of the happenings. He hears a Saint telling the public about a ritual to prove manhood. Akhilesh stands on the sharp nails to prove he is still a man. Akhilesh bears the pain till his feet bleeds by the nail piercing. Meanwhile, Ira turns smart and proves herself right to Pushpa. She exposes Devina by making her speak out the truth herself. Pushpa gets disappointed with Devina and orders her to leave the house. Devina asks Pushpa not to dare think so. Ira obeys Pushpa and throws out Devina from the mansion.

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Nimki Mukhiya

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