Spoilers — 9th December 2015



Meera is celebrating Dharam’s birthday. Dharam wishes him birthday and gets romantic. Dharam is in love with Mera. He liked the birthday surprise by Meera and wanted to kiss her. Meera gets tensed. Urmila stops them and pops up from the table. She asks Dharam to cut the cake. Dharam gives the cake and sends Urmila out. He wanted to spend romantic time with Meera. Gaura and her relatives come there. Gaura asks Dharam to attend guests. Gaura came to stop Dharam and Meera’s romance. Meera has got Gaura and Dharam’s pic on the cake. She cuts Gaura’s pic and asks Gaura to eat the cake. She tells Gaura that she will cut Gaura from Dharam’s life as well.


Ragini tells her Dadi that she will take revenge from everyone who has hurt her. She made a chart and kept note on what to snatch from that person. Ragini shares her plans with Dadi. She hides that chart behind a family photo frame. Bajirao Mastani stars have come in Swaragini. Ranvir performs in the show to promote his film. Deepika is also with him. Ranvir and Deepika came to make moment colorful. Bajirao has saved Sanskaar’s life in the show. Swara comes to convince Sanskaar.

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Akshara to lose eyesight post recovery

A new leap and negative entry to divide Ranvir-Ishani

Prime risk to encircle Modi Family in Saathiya

Shivanya’s past to create trouble; Suri to be attacked

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  1. What going on ??
    Ragini still in negative
    What the hell ????
    Plz turn ragini positive

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Such a worst leap for matsh we want ishveer to be united

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    And etretr also this is the worst spoilers I have ever seen my fav shows ask,etretr and matsh such a waste spoilers

  4. Yaar old stop all this stupidity in MATSH and pls unite IshVeer soon otherwise it will be of no worth to watch this show

  5. Not old its please…

  6. Wtf…still ragini in a negative role…? No way…coz hope the writers are not fools coz no one makes mistakes constantly…!wishing the spoiler to be fake

  7. Most of the spoilers of the shows I like are disappointing . I feel like changing the track of Etr2. And MATSH Is becoming worse by being on repeat mode.

  8. It’s ok of one year leap bcoz ranvi was alright now he is suffering infection. I could see ranvi like this. But the same thing happen in matsh some months ago shikar in ishani life comes in mohit.

  9. Ishaani is acting because Mohit would have demanded it in return for the antidote,whatever ,stupid twist.

  10. i hope even if ragini is negative that she wont be against swara, i hope swaragini musics plays together

  11. Whatever happen to matsh good or bad i can’t miss it. Ishveer always rokz. But the leap would ranvi hates ishani again this is worst how can i tolerate this. Ishani did any thing only for ranvi safety.y ranvi does not understand isha intuation that’s also same happened in matsh. I remember it that moment ishani gonna a jail for ranvi chirag i know ranvi not killed chirag but ishani gone a jail only for ranvi killed chirag and she saves ranvi. Pls ranvi trusg her.

  12. I read some news about matsh that is ritika have a antidote and ishani know to go ritika and give to one condition that isha leave to ranvi. And ishani agrees to go away from ranvi and also ranvi gets angry and with her aswell as. And one year leave ishani with some guy mohit. Again hate -love story start again. But is same as shikar potiön.

  13. pls give the spoilers for tashan e ishq…..pls

  14. successfully ruined all the shows… specially swaragini matsh etr2 yhm etc… so no need to watch the shows this week… writers don’t want to turn ragini in to positive at any cost… only to increase its blo*dy trp… as there is no story left out in matsh they r repeating the same story.. like shikar they introduced mohit but in a negative role… at the end they will show ishani did all these to save ranvir… ufff.. go to hell

  15. Yay Sid will tell Roshni the truth?

  16. ISHQ KA RANG SAFED PLS ******************************************************

  17. They have done a hilarious thing to Surbhi Jyoti characters. Even in rebirth or after twist or after leap or whatever, how many men.

    Surbhi Jyoti – Karan Singh Grover
    Surbhi Jyoti – Karanvir Bohra
    Surbhi Jyoti – Raqesh Vashisth
    Surbhi Jyoti – Rajbeer Singh
    Surbhi Jyoti – Shehzad Shaikh
    Surbhi Jyoti – Rishab Sinha
    Surbhi Jyoti – Avinash Sachdev

    Qubool hai has become so crazy…Very disgusting to watch. Come on guys have some sense. Sometimes Zoya , Sanam , Seher , Sanam and now Mahira loves the BF / Husband soooo much and suddenly another man in her life.

    Zoya , Sanam , Seher , Sanam’s reincarnation Mahira and on top of that the story always takes a 20-30 year leap. No proper story and I’m sure even the Writers / Directors doesn’t know what is the tomorrows episode will be like

    1. There are two more. Vikrant Massey and Varun Tookrey
      I only like Surbhi’s chemistry with both the Karans and her chemistry with Rajbeer was still ok. But I can’t tolerate Avinash and Surbhi’s chemistry at all

  18. Omg!!!!!!pl.expose vasu in tpk when will this spoiler come….waiting only and only for that?????
    Waste of seeing this???? First stop that starting note…… OK…..!!!!
    The show is not at all going ahead …….then y such a senseless note….

  19. Saathiya is getting stupid every episode. First Madhu is very nice and sensible and then she comes with revenge against her own daughter. How stupid have story writers run out of ideas? Why not end the antics of Meera, Gaura and Madhu instead of dragging it. Not everyone is illiterate to go on watching such hideous programme.

  20. Why does really Madhu wants to revenge from Modis.?What is the reason? For no reason and just….UFFFF no story at all.
    These days best serials are : ETRETR, IKRS,THAPKI PYAR KI ,

    1. I agree with u Archal even I like these 3 shows. I also like PKHJD on sony, ZABHMG on life ok and TEI on zee tv
      There are also some others which r also ok and watch them if I have time.

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