Spoilers – 8th May 2017

Jaat Ki Jugni:

Bittu puts Munni is problem, and saves her. Bittu donates blood to save Munni’s life. Munni has risked her life to save Bittu. Munni gets conscious. Bau ji gets a relief knowing Munni is fine. Munni’s brothers meet her and are thankful to Lord. Munni asks Bau ji did he forgive Bittu. She wants to know if they all have forgiven Bittu. She says I know you all are annoyed with Bittu. Bau ji forgives Bittu, and announces Jyoti and Vikram’s marriage to happen with everyone’s acceptance.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kosi wants to make Thapki and Aryan marry. She shows concern for Thapki. Aryan looks like Bihaan. Kosi knows Aryan is not Bihaan. She wants to expose them, and asks everyone to get Thapki and Bihaan married. Thapki acts unwell. Kosi wants to expose Thapki’s fake illness and gets doctor for Thapki’s checkup. Doctor says Thapki is fine. Kosi says then we can do arrangements for Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage. She keeps the wood sticks in havan kund, and asks everyone to come in puja. Kosi wants Thapki to accept truth that Aryan is not Bihaan.

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Jaat ki jugni






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