Spoilers — 8th June 2016


A woman is trying to hypnotize Aradhya. People are raising doubts on her intentions. A family member accuses Aradhya and tells Aaba saheb that Aradhya tried to kill him. Aradhya says he has entered my room and tried to misbehave with me. The woman is called to hypnotize Aradhya, as Aaba’s wife ghost enters her.


Rishi meets with an accident. His life is changing every moment while trying to prove that he is right. Pavan did his accident and came to hospital in disguise of a doctor. He asks doctor to check other patient and says he will check Rishi. He gets the proofs from Rishi. Rishi holds his hands. Pavan says he has his phone now, and he can never proof him wrong. Rishi have done so much for Tanu, and to prove his love. Rishi will run from the hospital to get proofs back from Pavan.

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