Spoilers 7th October 2017

Ishq Mein Marjawan:
Deep and Aarohi have gone on date. Deep is trying to use his charm on her. He is doing everything to win her heart. He gets her on a special date and organizes a photo shoot. They have a romantic moment. Deep does shayari and expresses his love to her. Aarohi falls for him. Deep and Tara are cheating Aarohi. Tara’s past will be seen. Tara has killed someone. Deep pacifies Tara and hides her crime.


Harman comes to meet Soumya. Kinners stop him. Harman points gun at them and stops then. He then argues with Saaya and hands over the gun to her, asking her to shoot him. He surrenders to Saaya. He says you just want me to be out of Soumya’s life, better end my life. He is ready to die in love. Saaya understands he truly loves Soumya. She tells him that she can’t kill him, as she knows he loves Soumya madly. Harman and Soumya love each other much like worshipping. She doesn’t let Harman and Soumya meet.

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