Spoilers — 7th December 2016


Raghav and Naina got married. Naina is very upset and feels her best friend has cheated her. Naina was happily marrying Veer, and did not know Veer has run away. Dadi joins Naina and Raghav’s hands. Naina can’t get peace when her marriage happened without her consent. Raghav has married Naina on Dadi’s saying. Naina feels Raghav has back-stabbed her and gets in shock. Naina and Raghav are good friends, but she did not love him.


Swara and Ragini call some men to get the house renovated. Some goons come to rob Maheshwari house. Nikhil is the head of the goons. Nikhil has a gun and shoots in air. The family get shocked. Nikhil threatens to kill them and asks them to get all the cash and jewelry from the bank. Mansi and Nikhil have made them house arrest. Swara gets ready to get all the money from the bank locker of Abhimanyu.

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