Spoilers — 6th October 2015


Tu Mera Hero: The Agarwal family get a big shock when Panchi’s father Kamlesh comes home to arrest Titu for cheating Preeti and provoking her to commit suicide. Titu and his family worries. Titu gets an idea to expose Sandeep in Chitra’s eyes and also get justice for deceased Preeti. They get to know about Sandeep meeting some people. Govind gets dressed as a Sheikh. Titu and Panchi do the belly dancing. Titu has become a female dancer to expose Sandeep.

Swaragini: Ragini was shocked seeing Laksh dying. She has done much wrong and this had to end. She spits out all the wrong doings she has done. Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh have made this plan to make Ragini accept the truth. Laksh drags Ragini and tells the family everything. Everyone accept Swara and hug her. Ragini’s truth has come out and both the families have united again. Shekhar apologizes to Swara and Sharmishta. Even Dadi apologizes to Swara.

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Ragini’s truth finally out; ‘All is well’ moment in Swaragini

Titu and Panchi to get justice for deceased actress…

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  1. I will stop watching swaragini if swalak unites and swasan separates

    1. Me too!

  2. superb spoiler of swaragini waiting to see the episode…just one thing ragini should b punished n suffer like swara did she should not b forgives easily…… though her emotion for laksh r true but d way she choose was horrible

  3. What’s the new turn now…
    Is Laksh gonna marry Swara!!!
    IKRS Spoiler was quite annoying… Hope Dhanni will be proved innocent…

  4. I want swasan !! Too bad to see injustice happen to sanskaar .. Laksh doesn’t deserve swara

    1. Agree with u. I like varun since NAIDML & SC. He is so cute. Swara say no 2 laksh otherwise ragini will blame u again 4 snatching her happiness. Don’t become like her & accept sanskar’s unconditional love. Don’t make ur marriage a joke. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  5. Hurray swaragini spoiler superb… happy happy spoiler…. I don’t understand one thing if they want to bring swalak again then how come they allow swasan marriage with huge blo*dy drama. Making fun of marriage… Ragini has to pay for her sins very badly.. Of course swalak marriage only a big slap abd punishment for her… because of her stupidity four lives r damaged fully..

  6. Nooooo…don’t separate swasan plsssss….

    Swasan rokzzzz..!!!!!


    I’m dieing to see what will happen in the today episode after reading the spoiler of today episodes.

  8. no swalak ,make it swasan

  9. unite swara and sanskar ,they make a better pair than swalak

    1. Yes!!!!

  10. Happy for swaragini…Swalak always…happyyyy…

  11. Plz make it true…eagerly waiting to see swara and laksh together…:):):):):):):)

  12. Varsha Darshini

    Swaeagini- everyone should forgive ragini as her love was true
    Thapki pyaar ki – dhruvki should be back
    Kumkum bhagya- tanu n alia n Raj should be exposed

    1. if u can forgive ragini, how can u ask dhruvki back because bihaan, thapki are married

  13. Yipee!! Finally swalak now I will start watchin swaragini again 😀

    1. metoo, just because sanskaar realised his mistake no one can ask swara to fall for him against her wish,as she still loves laksh

  14. Marriage is not child’s play. They can’t just break Swara and Sanskar’s marriage like this. When Swara and Sanskar were shouting the truth at the top of their lungs, nobody believed them. Not even Laksh. Now everything is good so break the marriage. Bullshit.

    1. Agreed!!!

  15. Pls don’t separate Swasan

  16. Y sindoor drama and marriage with rituals if Swasan were to be separated, pls Swasan forever, I will stop watching if Swasan is separated

  17. I’m stop watched kkb.not interested anymore

  18. if swara nd laksh are going to unite than it is waste of time to watch this show. I hope this show don’t drag family drama.

  19. NOOOOOO! Swalak shouldn’t get together! Laksh didn’t trust her when she really needed him. He just married ragini without listening to swara’s truth.. Swara is a strong independent girl, she deserves someone like Sanskar.. He owns up to his actions without blaming others! Laksh made the mistake of marrying ragini, but always tries to blame swara for it!

  20. Swasan forever, don’t separate them

  21. Writers, we want Swasan to stay pls…

  22. Swasan Swasan n Swasan.Swasan

  23. Totally agree honest…

    Swasan forever ….don’t seprate them..

  24. Instead of swaragini shiw name should of been swara……just my opinion

  25. But how did all of you get to know that SWALAK is going to happen and not SWASAN?

  26. in the spoiler its revealed by varun kapoor that sanskaar wants to unite swara laksha

  27. Even I want Swara and Sanskar together..

  28. Piya Rangezz and Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshini Spoiler please

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