Spoilers — 6th November 2015


Ragini’s drama has started again, she is acting to sacrifice and then asking Swara to unite with Laksh. Ragini tells Swara that she will tell her truth to family members. Swara is believing Ragini and thinks she has turned good. Ragini tells Swara that her memory is back, but she didn’t tell anything to family. Swara questions her why she has not informed family about regaining her memory. Ragini makes excuses and traps Swara in her cunning words. She tells that she wants to unite her with Laksh and then will tell her truth to family.


Akshara came to know that Naksh lied to her in Goa. She cries and shares her pain with Naitik. She is shocked to know that Naksh has stolen Akshara’s necklace for Tara. Naksh is exposed infront of Akshara, and knows about his lies. Akshara blames herself for Naksh’s doings and tells Naitik that she has failed as a mother. Naitik tries to give her strength and wipes her tears. He tells we have tried to give good values from our side.

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Sandhya’s ‘Mission Bahu’ begins at Rathi House….

Ranveer-Ishani’s “Milan” motives to be out…

Naksh-Tara’s love to face much opposition…

Indravati to kill Prem, instead losing to Simar…


Twists around decisive pairings; Swara in dilemma…


  1. Sharon

    Swara,y u taking SK’s help?,open ur eyes and start thinking about your husband,you will fall in love with him,SWASAN rocks.

  2. madhu

    swaragini ki trp aur niche girni chaiye yeh log phir se wahi start kr diye hain ragini ka role waise hi aur negative pata nai kab sanskar aur swara ko ek saath dikye gai ??????????????

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