Spoilers — 6th April 2016


Mere Angne Mein:

Amma ji tastes success when Kaushalya throws Riya’s stuff out and asks her to leave the house. Kaushalya takes out anger on Ria for not letting Preeti marry and helping her elope from the house. Amma ji blames her for ruining her respect. They misunderstand her and think she has helped Preeti. Shivam gets angry on Riya and his trust breaks. Riya has never thought that she can be insulted in the house. Riya cries and pleads innocence, but nobody listens to her. Riya leaves from the house crying.

Jamai Raja:

Sid is tensed because of DD’s memory loss, as she thinks Roshni is still unmarried. Sid meets his wife secretly. Once again, cat and mouse game have started between saas and Jamai, as DD have reached to the phase when Roshni was not married. She says Resham shouted that thief have entered home, they begin searching in the house and couldn’t find any thief. Sid comes out running from Roshni’s room as he is afraid of lizard.

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    Any new spoilers for Siya ke ram……… the one given is already known and given…….

  2. thanks a ton for MAM spoiler.We can have peace of mind for another week as there is nothing much apart from torture to Riya
    Now that we know crap thats gonna be aired .. we can watch other things . ..and stop wasting time on this dumb ass MAM serial

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