Spoilers — 5th September 2016



Mansi and Krishna invite Jaggi and Urmila home to prove that Jaggi is not Ahem. Mansi has cheated Jigar and does not return the house papers. Mansi wants Jaggi to ruin Modi family. Jaggi and Urmila head to kitchen and have bread and butter. Mansi complains to inspector about Jaggi. Jaggi tells inspector that Mansi invited him for feast and having food in kitchen is not a crime. Jaggi tells inspector that Mansi lied to him, and there is no food here.


Akshara is back from her work trip and joins the family in aarti time. Akshara has come back on Janmashtami. She goes to do shopping along with Naksh. She buys idols and decorations. Akshara and Naira do a skit and show Krishnaleela. Naira becomes Krishna and Akshara becomes Radha. Akshara misses Naitik. Naksh and Naira become Kanha and fill Naitik’s place. Kartik sees the skit, and gets lost in dreams.

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