Spoilers – 4th September 2015



Somendra and Sarojini have a dance and romance. Somendra tells her how much he loves her. They get lost in their eyes. It’s dream sequence in the sangeet function, before Somendra gets shot after their marriage. The TV stars will be rocking the sangeet function of Sarojini. Karan Tacker, Krystle D Souza, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Mouni Roy grace the sangeet function by their awesome performances. Later, Sarojini will be getting married to Somendra. Somendra lifts Sarojini and takes the rounds.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Vibhuti ji is kidnapped and ransom of 50000rs is demanded by the kidnappers. Anita is worried. The inspector tries helping Anita. Tiwari ji says he can’t do this, as he can never make Anita sad. Angoori pays real cash instead of fake notes, which makes Tiwari ji tensed. Later, Vibhuti is seen in poor state and works hard as the labor. Angoori worries seeing him and asks why is he pulling cart when he is educated. Vibhuti boasts that he is qualified. Anita says she can torture Vibhuti at home, but no one should torture him outside the home.

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Sumit’s methodical steps to balance life spin roughly in Sumit Sambhal Lega

Sandhya to deceive Shekhar and Manjari on their Garjana mission

Mangla takes courageous stand for Nimboli’s honor in Balika Vadhu…

Ashok to harm Ishita to settle scores with IshRa…

Somendra marries Sarojini and gets shot by Dushyant…

Rohan’s truth ousted; Yuvraaj and Suhani to unite…

Confusions and melodrama add up to Vibhuti’s kidnapping…

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  1. Why is their no jamai raja spoiler?????

  2. **there

  3. Interesting episode..waiting for suhani a yuvraj comes together..yuvraj should admit his love towards suhani..but her mom latha blackmailing suhani with her emotions…feels sad for suhani..I wish rohan plans can reach to suhani’s family and breaks this marriage.. Waiting for dat moment n very much excited to watch the twist of episode.. Precap z more interesting I hope it vl be gud..all gud things happen with suhani..as she deserves it…

  4. Ufff crap…hate today’s episode?

  5. SSEL is the worst serial I have ever seen. It first had a good start with Soumya and Yuvs love story revealed and then Soumya and Krishnas reunion.Thereafter I guess the director has got no other stortline and he is adding all crap in the story like business loss and now rohans track. And why is Rohan being shown as an evil guy. He loves Suhani as she is, Whats the point in Suhani staying with Yuv who needs ages to realize his love for her, Moreover why should Suhani stay with a family where the evil trio dadi menka and rags always keep insulting Suhani and her family, Moreover why should she stay with Yuv who easily gets carried away with dadis words and insults Suhani. Dadi can plan to kill Pratima by changing her tables, She can create quarrels between Soumya and Suhani, She can put camera in her grandsons bedroom and see wahts happening, she can speak rudely to Pankaj saying Pankaj and his family are greedy for Birlas money. She can insult Suhani saying she is badluck for Yuvs life, Dadi can do all these and she is still good for Yuv and everyone has to bear her nonsense and respect her, If Shuhani cant bear dadis insult and revolts back on Dadi that is wrong for Yuv and tells Suhani to get out of his life, What a man Yuv is..nonsense. And just becoz there is no story line they can make Rohan Vilan, I want to KNOW WHEN WILL THE DIRECTORS EXPOSE DADIS EVIL PLANS. IF THERE IS NO STORY THEN ATLEAST EXPPOSE THE ABOVE SAID DADIS EVIL PLANS WHICH MIGHT MAKE THE SERIAL WORTH watching. Dadi can do evil for Yuv then Rohan can also do bad for Suhani, Whats wrong in it. Seriously..Yuv is such a mad fellow as rightly said by Rohan, He neither confesses his love to Suhani nor lets her marry other person . DOES he require decades or centuries to confess his love..

  6. Cool…cool…cooolll..

    swapna…..I dnt knw y u guys taking so much tension for jst dramas……its written by someone..and all are acting….its not a real one to show our real emotional….its jst a acting. …but u all knw…hw many peoples suffering the same in real life….but v guys dnt give attention to them…v dnt get pity on them…but if its happens in serials…v ll start crying…v ll get emotional….OMG….pls guys…dnt give more important to all these serials…I didnt tell u not to watch….but dnt get emotional….in a real base…These serials are taking for time pass for homemakers. ..but nowadyz it startes to kill us….like bcz of getting emotional many of the people getting heart attack. …many couple getting divorce bcz of not giving importance to hus or wife than serial.pls dnt do this….jst see it as a serial…dnt think its a real life….its jst a drama.

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