Spoilers — 4th November 2015



Gaura wants to do Kokila’s visarjan, and hits Kokila on her head. She along with the goons and Dharam, locks her up in a big box with God’s idol inside it. Kokila couldn’t believe that her dear childhood friend could do such a thing. Kokila will defeat death and will return to fight with Gaura with the help of Gopi. Gopi tries finding Kokila. She collides with the big box which has Kokila inside. Gaura changes her colors and starts crying for Kokila. Meera supports Gaura. Meera and Dharam do the aarti.


Pari has got married and came home. Shanti gets angry. Shanti and Sarla are fighting with the neighbors. Neighbors asks Sarla about her daughter Pari, and says she has eloped and has trapped a rich guy. They taunt Shanti and Sarla. Sarla gets angry and beats them. Sarla’s bahu Rani also joins them and taunts Sarla. Sarla beats her up. Ashok asks Sarla to leave Rani. Sarla asks why is Rani saying nonsense about Pari? Rani tells that she also loves her nanand, but the truth about Pari is bitter.

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Gayatri to prove Sulakshana’s truth to Rana ji….

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