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Vivaan gets irritated by Meera’s clumsiness. Meera tells him that she will try not to trouble him. Meera slips on the watery floor. Vivaan holds her in time and asks her to spare herself and him. She apologizes to him. He tells her that he has lost his sleep, all thanks to her mood swings and cravings at odd times. Meera plans a romantic date for Vivaan. They have a cute moment. Meera tries to talk out. Roma spoils the date and burns the set up to trouble them more. Meera gets trapped in the fire. Vivaan saves Meera again.

Harman gets in dilemma. He is worried as Jeet is blackmailing him by Raavi’s pregnancy truth. Jasleen helps Harman and does a fake marriage with him so that Jeet doesn’t trouble Harman. Harman wins in saving his family’s pride. He tells Jasleen that they have to find Soumya soon. Jasleen promises to support him. They fool Jeet by mocking marriage. Preeto thanks Jasleen for helping Harman and them so much. Soumya gets the news of Harman and Jasleen’s remarriage. She shatters and feels low. Sameer consoles Soumya. He doesn’t clear her wrong assumptions.

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