Spoilers — 4th February 2016


Rangeela jumps in the well to save Manmeet. Manmeet is drunk and falls in well. Maldawali asks the men to save Rangeela. She likes Rangeela and wants to save him. Maldawali’s husband sees her interest in Rangeela and asks her to go away. She does not want her to be around Rangeela. Veer throws the rope inside the well and saves Rangeela.


Saanjh shouts aloud that she will be marrying Arjun today and finally get her love. She asks pandit ji to start mantras. Maya comes back for the marriage. Saanjh does not leave Arjun’s hand and asks pandit to start the rituals. Saanjh gets shocked seeing Maya’s normal behavior. Maya does not want to lose Arjun.

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  1. Amalina

    Wow!? GoGo Om! Save your mom from your shameless dad!?

  2. Omkara to marry Swetlana? Nooo….This can’t happen…There was news of Omkara’s parter joking the show but she hasn’t yet…but how can Omkara get engaged to Swetlana? Then the story will be as if Swetlana is behind Omkara, Tia behind Shivaye and Romi behind Rudra. Where is Ishqbaaz going? When will the Nafratbaaz be out of the show? When will Tia be exposed? When will Pinky apologize to Anika? When will the writers show Rudra-Soumya story? What happened to Priveer? Where did Priyanka and Randhawa disappear to? So many questions…Waiting for Dil Bole Oberoi…was just wishing that Dil Bole Oberoi started earlier because it is clashing with my final exams..

    1. *Omkara’s partner joining the show

  3. Nita D

    Plz change the track…..why r they spoiling the show Yaar…..

  4. Shocking yr.. Om & svetlana… Getting engaged.

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