Spoilers — 4th December 2015


Dadda ji came to take Akshara from heaven. Will Akshara go with Dadda ji or prefer to stay with her alive family. Akshara imagines Naitik, Naksh and Naira stopping her and asking her not to go. Akshara asks them to stop her as Dadda ji is taking her to heaven. Dadda ji tells that I have come here to take you. Akshara loves her family very much and don’t want to go. Naitik and her kids cry asking her not to leave them. Akshara cries and feels helpless as Dadda ji is taking her forcibly. Naitik gets a bad dream where he sees Akshara is leaving him forever.


Shivanya and Sesha know 5 people have killed their family. Sesha dresses in short clothes and pretends that her car broke down. Sesha traps Suri. She wants to check if Suri is one of them. She attracts Suri towards her. Suri finds Sesha alone at night and offers help to drop her home. Suri asks Sesha to come with her. He falls in her trap. A Garud/hawk attacks on Sesha. Sesha shows her true Naagin avatar.

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  1. lavanya

    i cant control my excitement…swaragini…ragini becoming ead of family…modern look…slapping laksh…twist to sanskaar,laksh ans swaras life…simply awesome

  2. Reeta

    Come what may Swasan should be united,ah,Sanskar should give Swara a little of what she deserves for not trusting him bt never ever separate them.

  3. Sabasa

    Agn ragini’s hatred for swara.. plz show swasan and swaragini love scene…ragini should punish only laksh not swasan

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