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Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai:

Puttan gets inclined to take over the Ministry of Law in his hands. He wants to become the Minister of Law so that he can make good money and also hold the influence in the state. The family tries hard to convince Chaitu for making Puttan the new Minister of Law. Puttan gets troubled by the media, who constantly stains his image in front of the public. Media asks Puttan to do something and work hard for people’s welfare. Puttan decides to do some work and gets old cases opened up to punish the guilty. Chaitu falls in trouble when his old cases come up in front of the ministry and media. Puttan accidentally puts Chaitu in a fix.

Piyaa Albela:

Bela makes a plan to kill Naren. She removes the wires in the electric meter and makes some cross connections so that Naren comes to check fuse and gets electrocuted. She wants Naren to lose his life, which will put an end to Praveen’s beating heart. Bela’s plan backfires, when Pooja turns up to check the fuse instead Naren. Bela tries to stop Pooja from checking the wires. Pooja tells her that she has much experience in checking the electric fuse and she can easily fix it. Pooja gets a high voltage shock. She becomes the victim, which worries Bela.

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