Spoilers – 3rd June 2015


Shastri Sisters:

Sareen asks Anu to go doctor and get her checkup done. Anu agrees knowing about what happened with Minty. Sareen’s trust on Anu breaks and his worry increases. Anu goes to the doctor and undergoes blood tests to know about her headaches and irritating behavior. Sareen tells Kajal that Anu has gone for checkup. Leela tells Kajal to rush there, as Anu’s blood reports will have the drugs info in it.


Kabir knows about Radha and LD’s marriage and thinks Radha has betrayed and lied to him many times. Although he had given time to her to say the truth. He gets jealous seeing their concern for each other. He cleverly makes her sign on the revised contract of 5 film deal with him. Although Shivani asks Radha not to sign without reading the contract, but Radha signs it in a hurry as she was concerned for Jhanvi.

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Ishita to spy on Subbu to secure Simmi’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Gunjan to plot against Geet; Baldev to support Veera

Prem loses Simar to Rajveer; Mata ji shatters being helpless in Sasural Simar Ka

Anu yearns for Rajat’s support; Astha to frame Rohan in Shastri Sisters

Nimboli and Anandi to get against Akhiraj Singh in Balika Vadhu

Fine Farewell to IPKKND2

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  1. Anu must know the results of the reports

  2. She got fake reports.What’s this?
    The big news is for saathiya

  3. Ohh no….not again!!! Anuu..poor any…rajat come fast plz

    1. Ya WHR is nauc?????

  4. What’s this.How dare this kajal.
    Sorry for anushka(Shastri sisters)

  5. Matsh plz

  6. guys I want to download ipkknd ebp episodes right from the beginning. But I am not getting them anywhere desitashan and other sites are also not working. Pls somebody help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Use you tube and you can download it using tube downloader on your phone – hope this helps

      1. No youtube contains the video for 3 or 5 minutes.But in hotstar,there is no option to download

  7. Kumkum bhagya n matsh plzz

  8. Plz plz stop this drama of kajal…. I mean she can’t win like this always and d story is being dragged…. Other serials in colors r best now compared 2 shastri sisters…. Aastha is still okkk but kajal she’s hectic….. If once again kajal wins then I m gonna stop watching this stupid serial

    1. If u stop watching,nothing will happen to other viewers

      1. Ann (athu) it’s beautiful profile picture. Very beautiful.

      2. Thank u saeed

  9. Shastri sisters was the only drama i was watching. It’s going out of way. Why stretching? Pura interest kharab horaha hei.

  10. sorry to post it here but i want to draw attention towards the irregular written updates of million dollar girl…plz see to….
    thank you so much

  11. Omg u guys have written what has already happened in the previous two episodes of NAUC!! these are supposed to be spoilers and we want to know whats GOING TO happen in the show, not what has ALREADY happened! Dissapointing -.-

  12. Anybody knows wat is going to happen next in matsh plzzzzzzzz tell me if anybody knowz!!!!

  13. where is nauc written update this site is laziest site even other serials r not written properly

  14. Wat is gonna happen in MATSH….i only want dat

  15. Anurajian(athu)

    I want anuraj romance more

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