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Piya Albela:
Supriya wants to fail Pooja plans and comes to her. She accuses Pooja for giving her poisonous kheer. Pooja tells her that she regards her as her mother and can’t do such thing with her. She says if you think that I am guilty then this kheer will become the proof of my innocence and faints. Naren is shocked and holds her. He gets worried for Pooja and gets angry on her as he thinks Supriya is right. Angraj and Rahul want to send Pooja to jail and want Vyas Family to suffer. They want to rule on Vyas empire.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat calls police home. Kabeer faces the new blames. Inspector tells him that he has come to arrest him. Kabeer asks his crime. The divorce news of Zara and Kabeer spreads soon. Kabeer’s arrest shocks everyone. Zara stops the inspector and tells him that she is Kabeer’s wife, she isn’t divorced with Kabeer. Zeenat taunts Zara for calling the police home. She says maybe Zara has called police knowing Triple Talaq is not legal anymore, she is taking advantage of her knowledge, she wants to get more famous by fighting for women rights.

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