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Soumya gets shagun for Surbhi. She tells Maninder hat she has got Harman’s shagun for Surbhi. Maninder gets shocked and refuses to accept shagun. Surbhi says I have grown up and marrying with my wish. Soumya asks for Surbhi’s hand for Harman. Surbhi stops Maninder from throwing shagun. Surbhi agrees to marry Harman only for Soumya’s sake. Surbhi is ready to give sacrifice by breaking her marriage with Abhishek. She has agreed to Preeto’s condition.

Santoshi Maa:

There is a huge war going on between Santoshi Maa and Devi Paulmi. Brahmadev and all Devis could not stop the war. They take the request to Mahadev to stop the Devlok war, so that the universe does not get ruined by the heavenly war effects. Santoshi visits the temple and is caught up in the storm. Santoshi’s devotion is intact. She prays to Santoshi Maa.

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  1. Surely this is a joke?

    How and why will Kabir ever agree? Pretend to be married, why? She’s gonna find out eventually so may as well break it to her now when it wont be such a big shock. Whatever happened to the sanctimony of marriage, isn’t this ‘against’ the indian culture now that Thapki and Bihan are married to different people?

    What happened to Kabir’s revenge? A large number of us audience watch the show for Thapki and Kabir, is that track not going anywhere?

    Thapki par ki is disgustinng and frankly the CVs are going to lose a lot of fans by butchering characters and by having a pathetic storyline.

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