Spoilers 31st March 2018 Revised

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni reaches the old chawl. Teni shows her swag. She shows off the chawl people that she has come in a big car. Teni says I didn’t had any pride even when I got rich. She asks the ladies not to gossip against her. She asks Kaki why didn’t she visit her in hospital. She praises the five star hospital where she had a good stay. Parth stays in driver’s character and supports her. Parth isn’t happy with her decision. Shorvori asks the chawl people not to tell Teni her past, as doctor has advised them not to let Teni get any shock. Shorvori finds Parth and Teni together in a moment. Teni doesn’t remember anything about Parth. She becomes Parth’s friend.

Jiji Ji Chhat Par Hai:
Ilaychi comes to Pancham’s clothes shop in disguise of a foreigner. She tries to impress Pancham. She had heard Pancham’s talk about a foreigner girl. She fools Pancham by her cute act. She tells Pancham that she has come to find a nice guy for herself, she likes Indian music and wants an Indian guy for marriage. Pancham thinks of marrying her so that he can go abroad with her.

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