Spoilers – 31st August 2015



After celebrating Teej function with the kids, the family now celebrates it with elders doing the puja. Akshara gets the mehendi applied and waits for Naitik to come. Naitik manages to take lift and arrives there. Akshara gets shocked to know Naitik was really in the problem and apologizes to him. She dances to cheer him up, after all the misunderstandings get solved. Naitik and Naksh come home by much difficulty and give happiness to the family.


Gaura sees Vidya and Shravan marrying and feels this is the begin of Kokila’s ruining. Gopi asks Kokila to stop this marriage. Gopi has seen many dreams for Vidya’s marriage, and today Vidya is in big problem. Gopi explained her family a lot, but they don’t listen to her. Meera had doubts on Gaura and now Gopi has known about Gaura’s revenge intentions. Gopi hears Gaura and Dharam talking about the revenge from Modi family. She runs to the mandap to stop the marriage. Kokila showers flowers on the marrying couple and does not believe Gopi as there is no solid proof.

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Gopi realizes Gaura’s evil intentions; Vidya and Shravan get into wedlock

Raghav’s generosity turns big loss for Shanti in Mere Angne Mein

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