Spoilers – 30th June 2015 (Based on reader’s choice)


Sandhya has got a new avatar in Bengali style sarees and makeup. She has don the role of Sagarika Das, a pure Bengali lady who would be meeting Himanshu and win him over in the proposal. She wanted to keep this a secret and Ved sees her Bengali look pic in her phone. He likes it and runs to show it to everyone.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

After Dhruv has got Thapki’s lost esteem back, she gets thankful to him. Dhruv takes her in the important meeting instead Sakhi, and gives her the honor to be part of the meeting being a new intern. Thapki tells him that she has never realized that she is something, and he acknowledges her that she is surely much along with her stammering. He tells her that her stammering does not matter to him and he is not ashamed to have her in his office and life.

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Soumya to support Suhani; Yuvraaj arrested for Radhe’s murder attempt in Suhani Si…

Dansh kills Leela to make Rudra protect him in Mahakumbh

Sandhya’s new Bengali look shocks the family in Diya Aur…

Neil and Ragini come close by fate and children’ efforts in Itna Karo…

Dhruv’s heroic act to save Thapki turns romantic in Thapki Pyaar Ki

Radhika to reveal Arjun and Nandini’s link in Manmarzian

Titu succeeds in convincing Panchi to come back to his home in Tu Mera Hero

Dylan realizes love for Dabbu; Dabbu decides to marry Aseem in Dilli Wali…

Confusion and drama to add up in Riya and Shivam’s love story in Mere Angne Mein’

Sandhir’s Love to be tested because of her family troubles & sponsorship matter

Uma to halt Amaya’s love inclination; Rudra gets friendly with Chobey family in Tere Sheher Mein

Akbar’s sacrifice decision and actions for Jodha going to turn the tables on Laboni’s evil spirit, and free Jodha

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  11. Why are all these shows making the children of cultured parents turn out to be the worse off springs ever. I know it’s just a show but should they have some moral obligation to public to teach the young people out there about respect/education and good manners. Sath Nibhana, Doli Armaano have great role models for mothers but they have the worse daughters…makes you wonder, if this is the indian culture. The kids in the western shows might be brats but they aren’t so vengeful against their family, like these indian shows, unless they are mentally disturbed. I guess that’s whats wrong with Meera!!!

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