Spoilers — 29th October 2015



Dushyant gets his daughter’s hands tied and pushes her in river with the help of pandits. Dushyant tells that if you are not devi, then we will do your visarjan as you are khandik. Sarojini sees Indra drowning in the river and jumps in to save Indra. Indra looks on crying. Sarojini tells everyone that Dushyant was doing a crime and asks Inspector to arrest him. Dushyant’s dad scolds Dushyant for trying to kill his own daughter.


Indravati has captured Simar in the mud pot and laughs. Prem feels helpless as he couldn’t save Simar. Indravati has trapped Simar with the help of his Guru, and to get Prem. Prem refuses to accept Indravati and holds her by her neck. Indravati throws the pot angrily, but Sid catches his bhabhi’s pot. Someone brings gangajal and they all read Gayatri mantra. Indravati and Dayan run from there, but Simar is still locked in the pot.

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  2. Simar plz end d dayan nd make d story entertain

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