Spoilers — 29th February 2016

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli and her family is surrounded by fire. Akhiraj Singh tried to kill Nimboli again. Akhiraj and his goons have set the fire to kill Nimboli and her family. Nimboli wakes up and sees Harki and Kundan. She assumes they are thieves and shuts them inside the house. Nimboli and her family come out of the house. Akhiraj’s plan backfires as he then asks his goons to blow off fire fast to get Harki and Kundan out. There will be leap in the show soon. Nimboli will be shown grown up and she will facing new hurdles in her life.


Meera is troubled by an army of rats. She screams and shouts for help. Dharam rushes to her rescue and lifts Meera in arms. Meera and Dharam have come close. Dharam makes a heroic entry and saves his love.

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  1. As I told last week, nothing significant is happening this week. This whole week is a time waster.

  2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan


  3. Oh god, I never knew that my predictions about Nimboli growing up, still not knowing about her mother and Old women (dadi sa) still in serial will come true so soon. Now Nimboli will get a kid, lose her in a mela and same cycle will repeat 🙁

  4. Siya ke Ram plsssss …

  5. I dont like Nimboli nowadays.

  6. This serial has got no more charms…they are dragging and dragging anandi ‘s n nimboli’s meeting .i stopped watching ..I am sure like me many more daily soap watches left interest in Balikavadhu .

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