Spoilers – 29th April 2015

In YRKKH, Naksh’s birthday turns out to be grand event, organized by Karishma. Everyone sing and dance after being together after 10 years. Naksh dances with everyone and brings Bhabhimaa close to his parents. Bhabhimaa celebrates his birthday and agrees to his wish to bring everyone together. Naksh’s childhood pics are shown by Naira and make it memorable event for him. Akshara hides her tears infront of Naksh and Naira.

In YHM, Raman gets angry on Mihika and asks Ishita to take her sister and move out of his house. Raman and Ishita’s relation again got lagging, and Ishita tells her parents that she will not spare Raman for this. She takes Romi’s help and punctures Raman’s car tyres. Raman gets ready and is in hurry to go office.

In Manmarziyan, Dilip goes to confront Samaira and Piyali on the job offer call, which clears the misunderstanding. Samaira tells how she just asked Radhika to come Mumbai, and she did not mean it. Dilip gets raged and scolds the Mumbai people for not caring for other’s emotions.

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  1. Offfo I think nothing is going to happen in nauc ….. Y always no nauc spoilers …. Its not fair …. 🙁

    1. bcoz there is nothing more exciting left in nauc. and also that’s why now it has lost 2 of its air time slots of 4:30 and 12:00

    2. bcoz there is nothing more exciting left in nauc. and also that’s why now it has lost 2 of its air time slots of 4:30pm and 12:00pm

  2. bcoz nauc is not a popular show okkkkkkkkkkk….

  3. rock u Siddhartha…. I just want husband like u….. only like u sid… I love u sid…..

  4. Please hurry up with the updates

  5. Udaan is going on the right track and it is very interesting. Chakor is rocking

  6. ohh ppl…chuck these old drama serials nd get a life

  7. Oie u Leena and kamal …
    Don’t talk ill abt other shows wen u don’t like them ….. And did I ask u all sugesstion or reply… So u can do ur work …. PLZ don’t comment ill if u hate any show…. Warning…

  8. Oh my shastri sisters

  9. Most of the serials they show 2 girls 1 boy or 2 boys 1 girl, I don’t know when will their story making changes

  10. Please do Piya Rangrezz spoiler! Its a new show and very interesting one too! Its nothing like the old shows we’ve been watching.

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