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Tu Aashiqui:
JD plays a new trick and lands Anita behind bars. Pankti meets Anita in the police station. JD blames Anita for stealing his money. He creates this new problem for Pankti. Pankti says Anita has told me that you have given her the money. JD denies it. He asks the inspector to punish Anita for the theft. Pankti assures Anita that she will arrange the bail amount and get her released. Pankti meets some music manager, who tells her that he will get her many singing assignments as she is Rising stars winner. He charges commission to get deals for her. Pankti gets helpless to agree so that she can arrange bail amount.

Shweta and Prakash learn the truth that Avni and Mishti are alive, and living away from them with a different identity. They don’t want Neil to leave them and get away. Shweta packs Avni’s pictures, belongings and memories. She gets angry on Avni for her lie. Shweta wants to keep Avni away from them now. She gets emotionally hurt. Neil is also helpless to leave from the family and spend his life alone. Shweta gets frustrated that Neil is leaving them because of Avni. Neil apologizes to them that he is helpless. Shweta finds him in pain and doesn’t stop him.

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