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Raman and Ishita performs during Romi and Sarika’s marriage function. Everyone is mermerized by their performance. Ishita welcomes her newly weds Dewar and Dewrani and makes them do the ring finding ceremony. Raman and Ishita give tips to Romi and Sarika for finding the ring. Sarika gets the ring and will rule on Romi all their life. It is said that wife will rule on husband if she wins the ring finding ceremony or vice versa.


Naksh and Naitik are going to Jaipur and see a man lying on the road. They get down and try to help the man. The man happens to be a goon and along with other goons threaten them by showing pistol, and snatched car keys, phone and money from them before fleeing from there. Naitik and Naksh walk on the road for a while and try to take help from passerby milk man.

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Bhanvari marries Aditya; Challenges and politics to begin in Piya Rangrezz

Mona and Sharad to manipulate Rajat; Roshni to join Leela hospital

Shagun’s surrogacy step to affect IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Teej Celebrations with Naksh’s fun surprises in Yeh Rishta…

Swaragini’s clashes to take a high; Ragini stoops more stumpy…

Pragya gains upper hand with strict rules for Abhi’s family, & gets into a tussle with Abhi

Sarojini to elope with Somendra, and not to marry Mayank in Sarojini

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    nice spoilers!!

  2. nyce mam spoilers……………..

  3. wowwww!! what a lovely spoilers of tsm… though it has happened in the show… but now it is clear that mantu confessing his love to amaya is not any dreamm…. yuppppiii

  4. I really cant belive amaya vil have to marry rama.this serial no 1 wil watch if this happens..please dont do that

  5. Recently the track showed some of good family scenes and then again they are back on track. I don’t understand why is the serial so much un realistic. It’s a humble request to please introduce something which we viewers can easily digest. Ishita’s character is so vulnerable why? Same story line same vulnerability was being shown in serials a decade or so. I don’t understand one basic concept is why are you trying to fool viewers with your antics. Ishita and Raman have faced a lot of a problem they hardly get any happiness and that too is short lived. It is also said that shagun will help Ishita and raman but she want her children back. Pardon me but are you trying to make a mockery of ishita’s situation. It’s really disgusting and shagun will play her moves again troubling our ishra. This is really a limit. Why only Ishita and raman are to face such problems. Ishita was happy with ruhi and adi but you introduced this baby track. I don’t understand why our lead has no right to remain happy. Science and specially medical science has developed a lot and enabled many infertile women to have their child. So why can’t Ishita and Raman?. 15 days or so there were rumors that Ishita would soon become mother and all of a sudden it turned in a wrong way out. And if surrogacy why only shagun. The lead has two sisters why can’t they help Ishita in such a case. Vandita and mihika why can’t they become surrogate mother for Ishita. Its totally writers choice how to divert a story. It can turn out to be positive or negative. Since there is so much negativity in society why can’t you show something positive. If vandita or mihika will help Ishita it would be real treat to watch. And that’s what a family is. There can be other advancement regarding the same story as Ishita could recover and her body gets fit so as to develop a child in her womb. It’s a serial and anything can happen so why not something positive something good to watch. Why can’t miracles happen with such a nice women? Please writers and creatives do use some logic and try to figure out some good results. If you are not finding any suitable track close the serial in a month or so but don’t torture us. Please try to maintain the stance of purity with which you had written episodes up till now. Rest all depends on you. Please respect some of our ideas as we are the one to watch your serial. I am no one to comment but these are my views regarding the current track. Hope you get some good track and amaze us with some of the good episodes. Wishing the cast and crew of YHM a great journey ahead.

  6. Yaay TSM spoiler is amazing! I guess Gajanand Chaubey will tell Amaya to marry Rama but obviously Rama won’t agree! Amaya might agree for the respect if her family but maybe then she will go to Mantu and confess her love and ask him to stop her and Rama’s wedding! So excited for next Episodes of TSM! Kut Productions Rock!!! And so do Manya?

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wer is ehretrani??Spoilers???

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