Spoilers — 27th June 2016


Rishi has decided that he will marry Tanu/Tanvi only. Destiny will change, mehendi will show its colors, and Rishi and Tanvi’s Kasam will be fulfilled. An attacker came to kill Rishi, but he bumps into Tanvi. There is some thrill in the episode, and someone will be stabbed. Mehendi designer writes P on Tanvi’s hand, but R gets written instead. Tanvi has realized that her Kasam is with Rishi and not with Pavan. Rishi is trying to prove Pavan’s truth, as he couldn’t see anything beyond Tanvi. There is Neha’s mehendi also, but Rishi is yearning to get Tanvi. Rishi goes to Tanvi and tries to convince her.


Chakor and Tina get ready for their respective marriages. Chakor wears jewelry and waist band, and she is excited for her marriage. Chakor makes Tina elope from there, and plans to make Imli marry Suraj. Imli loves Suraj and is pregnant with his child, while Tina elopes as she wants her independence and doesn’t want to marry. Imli gets ready as the bride. She wears a long ghunghat over her face. Chakor is also ready as the bride.

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  1. Arrey ekta kapoor is a psycho. For torturing us with non sense like kasam she will suffer.

    1. Lol I agree! Kasam it’s soooooo slllllooooowwww! I mean we already know what’s going to happen…so GET TO THE POINT!! ?

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