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Mayavi Maling:
Eshwarya and Garima try to find Shil Aditya, while Pranali manages the kingdom responsibilities. Eshwarya goes to Kalkivan to seek help from Antara. She tells Antara that Shil Aditya went missing from the palace. Antara tries to use her Agnishakti and find Shil Aditya. She fails to find any clue about him and tells Eshwarya that she can’t help him. Angad stops Pranali from finding Shil Aditya. He reminds her that they have to perform the important rituals of the sacred lake, which can’t be missed for any reason. He reminds her Shil Aditya’s words regarding the rituals and asks her to accompany him for the purpose. Pranali gets tensed about taking Angad to the sacred lake.


Vivaan is angry on Meera. Meera gets troubled by him. She runs on the road and gets hurt by a thorn. She removes the thorn from her bleeding feet. She tries to seek help. Vivaan gives her attitude and hurts her. He vents out anger on Meera, thinking about Amaya’s coma state. He ignores Meera. They end up arguing again. She refuses to get lift from him. Some goons chase her. She runs inside the jungle to save herself. Vivaan makes a dramatic entry there and fights with the goons. Vivaan saves her from the goons.

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