Spoilers — 27th January 2016


Shesha comes to the house in disguise of Shivanya, as Shivanya is injured and she has to take her place so that nobody doubts on Shivanya. She comes to Rithik’s parents room to get the book, but she couldn’t get the book because of the moon. She becomes snake and leaves from there. Shesha wonders who Shivanya used to do kitchen work and gets irritated with the family.


Dharam loves Meera very much and shocks everyone as he burns the divorce papers. Ahem sends divorce papers to Gaura’s house with a lawyer. Gaura thinks Dharam should forget Meera. Dharam burns the divorce papers. Lawyer threatens to send him to jail for burning the law papers. Gaura beats the lawyer with slipper and threatens him with knife. Lawyer runs from there. It is yet to be seen what does Modi family do? Dharam tells Gaura that he will write Meera’s name on his heart. He says he loves her genuinely from his heart. Gaura asks if he is gone mad and stops him.

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