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The misunderstandings got cleared between Rishi and Tanuja. Rishi feels hurt that he has said bad things to Tanuja. Rishi recalls humiliating Tanuja for her shocking pregnancy news. Rishi is not able to meet Tanuja’s eyes now. Rishi has realized his mistakes today. Rishi leaves his ego and accepts all his mistakes. He apologizes to Tanuja with love and hugs Tanuja. They both cry. They have a beautiful moment.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Aryan reaches Sanchi’s house with the divorce papers. Sanchi’s mum asks Aryan to solve the issues by talking to Sanchi. Aryan says there is nothing to talk now. Sanchi refuses to sign on the divorce papers. Viren gets angry and asks her why will she not sign now, when Aryan has come with papers. Aryan and Sanchi are doing the divorce drama for Sonu’s sake. Sanchi wants to avoid divorce for some days.

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  1. More of ishqbaaz spoilers please

  2. Mona146

    evil trio in ishqbaaz is the worst ever twist in any serial till now in telly wood.

  3. Oh no now om is illigimate I hate it

  4. Please Don’t that acp randhawa is also a part of Tia’s conspiracy against oberois.i think om’s illegitimacyis a part of conspiracy to fool sso

  5. Ishqbaaz vs Nafratbaaz that is a very childish concept, do the CVs think they are writing a cartoon x-men vs the brotherhood? Anyway a lot of this is going to humanize Shivaye, he abused Anika and forced her into marriage now the same is happening with his sister Priyanka. He treated Dev so badly for being illegitimate now Om is illegitimate, all Shivaye’s beliefs are about to be broken

  6. What on earth r d ishqbaaz writers thinking…do they seriously feel that the viewers want nafratbaaz in d show….people watch d show for shivika moments and the brothers love and loyalty…looks like d trps r heading for a huge dip soon…?

  7. Plz, post episode

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