Spoilers — 26th October 2015


Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Angoori and Anita celebrate Karwachauth happily. Angoori does the moon sighting and fast breaking rituals with Tiwari. Whereas Anita does the rituals with Vibhuti. The ladies have kept the fast for their husband, but the men are trapped in their plans. The men also have kept the fast for Karwachauth to impress their Bhabhis. Tiwari wants to impress Anita, and Vibhuti wants to impress Angoori. After seeing the moon, the men break their fasts before their wives break their fasts. The men are in bad state by hunger and were waiting for the moon. They had a tough time to keep the fast.


Akshara keeps the Karwachauth fast without the Sargi. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa has made Sargi ready for her. Akshara was going to have food, and Naitik tells her about the work at Krishna. Akshara could not have food and goes for work. Akshara has been working in Krishna all day and completes the food orders. Naitik also feels bad seeing her work all day. The extra workers did not turn up at Krishna, and she went to help Naitik in managing the customers.

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