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Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh doesn’t want to force Ira for marriage. He tries his best to make Vallabh support Ira in her decision. He tells Vallabh that the marriage is just a drama plotted to save Pushpa’s life. Vallabh doesn’t agree to bless Ira for her life’s destruction. Akhilesh makes many vows to support Ira’s studies and dreams. Ira sheds tears with the thought of hurting her dad’s emotions. She gets in a dilemma to choose either of Vallabh and Akhilesh. Ira leaves from the house, which makes everyone assume that she has left Akhilesh in the mandap. Pushpa thinks Ira doesn’t want to marry Akhilesh.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti prefers to stay alone for a while. She ponders over the shocking sorrow gifted by her mother. She thinks of her life journey and an angel taking away all her life’s problems. Pankti decides to stand up Ahaan through thick and think. Manav gets miffed knowing Pankti’s truth. Aparna explains him that Ahaan is not wrong if he wants to marry Pankti and change her life for the better, since Pankti truly deserves Ahaan’s love. Sheetal finds Anita a disgusting woman and reprimands her for selling her daughter for money. Vikram tells the family that he already knew Pankti’s truth. Vikram’s word shocks them, while JD worries for his truth surfacing.

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  1. Wait, so did Pankti really do nasty things in the past? Was she really forced to do it with many men? Or the mother was lying about it? I am sorry I didn’t watch this serial from the start.

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