Spoilers — 26th December 2015


Adhuri Kahani Humari:

Yuvraj Madhav is getting married to a naagin Maya. Manasvini is sacrificing her love for Yuvraj Madhav. Another naagin has come there to dance in the function, and chooses a naagin song. Pratyusha Banerjee will be doing a performance in the Maha episode. Maya wants to get NaagMani from Yuvraaj Madhav. Manasvini and Maya have a jugalbandi dance to show who is better for Madhav.


Shagun and Ishita saw the goons coming and had no option than to hide in the lake. They did not know high alert of the crocodile presence in the lake. They get attacked by the crocodile. Shagun rushes Ishita to hospital. Shagun was doing formalities in the hospital. Raman is stunned seeing Shagun alive. He says you are alive and slaps her. He says Ishita is dying to save you, I would have killed you if my child was not in your womb. He drags her to the family.

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Dhaani’s love confession to invite trouble

Shagun to face Raman’s rage again in YHM

Swara to answer Ragini in her way…

New marriage twist post Tolu-Molu kidnapping

Bulbul to face death by Aaliya’s conspiracy in Kumkum Bhagya

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  1. Finally yhm mein raaz khul gaya hope ishu get well soon and all misunderstanding come to the end and ashok sarika ki band bajegi ab

  2. Yes… u r correct

  3. swaragini2

    Ragini wanted to insult Annapurna for meeting Swara without taking Ragini’s permission. Ragini gets all family members to watch what she does. She gets black ink to apply to Annapurna. Ragini says she wants to hurt Laksh and insult Annapurna, as Annapurna is close to Laksh. Annapurna went against her and was trying to meet Swara to get proof against her, so Annapurna has become threat to Ragini now. Uttara calls Swara and asks her to come fast as Ragini is insulting Annapurna. Swara comes there and stops Ragini from applying black color to Annapurna’s face. Ragini asks how dare you stop me. Swara saves Annapurna and pushes Ragini. Ragini falls in the black ink bowl and her face turns black. Swara is trying to get some secret of Maheshwari family. Swara spots the ghunghat clad lady in market and follows her. The lady takes her gold jewelry and agrees to tell her secret. This secret will reveal the truth Durga Prasad is hiding from everyone.

  4. Sarika ke koya galathi neya Raman na vusuka bauhth insult keya tha check deyakara absorption karavana kahaya ka

  5. I also have same opinion sarika ki zayada ghalti nhi Raman na uska sath thek ni kiya …. Or romi bi uska sath bht dafa ghalt behave karta hai

  6. Can anyone give me an update on yesterday’s episode of the 28th of yeh vadaa raha. Pleaseee

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