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Rajbeer has experienced the spirit possessing him. Rajbeer is crying and realized about the spirits haunting Paridhi till now. He feels guilty to not understand and belief Paridhi. He now got to know Paridhi has been saying true all the while and apologizes to her. Paridhi gives him strength and pacifies him.


Vivaan makes a cradle for Imli’s baby. Vivaan paints cradle and talks to Chakor. He tells about giving fatherly love to Imli’s child. Chakor gets emotional and sits to color the cradle. She is in dilemma knowing Suraj also loves Imli now. Vivaan is ready to take Imli’s responsibility. Imli gets really glad seeing him caring for her child so much. She tells Chakor that she has fallen in love with Vivaan. Chakor is happy for Imli. Ragini hears them and burns the cradle. Vivaan blows off the fire and gets hurt.

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


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  1. colors and rishtey tv channel are cruel to their non hindi speaking audience. where are the sub titles for your shows? if all the non hindi viewers boycotted your channel and the trp went down perhaps they would realise that without us there is no tv channel. STAR PLUS respects their viewers and do notdisrespect their audience by playing dirty tricks with no subtitles for the shows colors and rishtey remember the public made you and they can desert you . so you had better fix up or we the audience will drop you like hot jalebi no matter how good your shows are.

  2. Yeah nandhini you are right. Even I’m a Tamil girl. Most of tamilians shifted to Hindi serials due to their different storyline but it’s too bad that they are not giving sub titles and due too that my mom’s scolding me to switch other channels as we can’t understand Hindi. But I have never seen star plus so I don’t know about the subtitles. Do we need a dish antenna for subtitles nandhini or a normal set top box is OK for subtitles??

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