Spoilers — 25th July 2016


Jamai Raja:

Roshni is drunk and behaving strange. Roshni has come to her senses in some time. It is not Roshni’s mistake. She ate halwa and she got drunk by it. Payal has added some drugs in halwa and wanted Roshni to sign on property papers. Roshni slaps Payal in drunken state and scolds her saying bad about her. She makes fun of Payal.


Naira misses to submit the dance academy form on time and gets sad that she can’t make Naitik’s dream true. Kartik meets Naira. Naira is upset and crying. Kartik dreams to cheer up Naira and make her feel special. He lifts Naira and makes her rest. He cares for her. Kartik acts as frog and makes her smile.


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