Spoilers — 25th January 2016


Sarojini dances in the bar. Sarojini was losing her respect. Tadka Bua has got Sarojini to Kotha. She has kidnapped Sarojini’s family and made her dance to save her family. Sarojini says I m very helpless, its lots of pain to dance like this, where men are troubling me. Sarojini cleverly takes video and sends it to police. Police reaches there and arrests the men. Sarojini exposes Tadaka Bua.


Simar sings in the jagrata and prays to Mata. She seeks blessings and strength from Devi maa and she want to make Paatali Devi lose. Suddenly her pallu catches fire, but Prem saves her on time. She apologizes to Anjali. Later, Devika dresses like Simar and goes to Simar’s room. Prem assumes Devika is Simar and makes her wear mangalsutra. The light comes and Prem stops. Simar gets angry seeing this and slaps Simar. Devika asks Prem to accept her as his wife. Devika wants to stay with Prem. Simar gets furious, and fails Devika’s plans. Simar and Devika will have a fight for Prem. Simar will be going in Paatal lok and become queen.

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      • wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        and Miss.Dilakshini i know very well RAMAYANA but i asked to know what star plus is going to show next in Siya ke ram………….. Ans no one knows exactly about Ramayana……… there are lots of different versions……….. hope you understood……… SORRY IF I HAD HURTED YOU

  1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    Chakravartin Ashoka Samarat and Silisa pyar ka also ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssss

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