Spoilers — 25th December 2015


Jamai Raja:

Sid fumes seeing a weird family claiming that Roshni is their bahu. Sid has lost his anger seeing new problem on Roshni. The new family is calling Roshni their bahu and caused disturbances in Sid-Roshni’s life. The guy’s mother starts putting shagun chunri on Roshni. They are villagers and claim that DD got little Roshni married in her childhood. DD and Sid try to stop the lady from doing rituals. The men hold Sid away. The family claims that Roshni has married that guy 23 years ago in childhood. The new guy has come to take his wife and wants to see what Sid does. Roshni and Sid scold that family. The family refuses to return without taking Roshni along.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram will be seen defeating demoness Tadaka. The demoness will be seen spreading terror and chaos in the region. Ram will be fighting with the dangerous demoness. Ram is against fighting with any woman, but he takes this extreme step as Tadaka is very powerful Asur, whom just Ram can stop. Ram shoots the arrow at the batwoman Tadaka and kills her.

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