Spoilers 24th May 2017


Shivdutt is a cruel man. He insults Chandrakanta. He says this day will be written in golden words, as Navgarh’s king and queen will be given punishment today. He tells them that princess Chandrakanta will be performing for everyone today. He tells Chandrakanta that if she does not dance, he will kill his parents. Chandrakanta tells him that Virendra will come as a storm and ruin him. Virendra will be coming and failing Virendra in his motives.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Piyush tells Sarika that he loves her, but there is a big misunderstanding at home. He manages the matter and hides his love from everyone. Dipika makes plan to meet Sarika at her house. Dev tells Dipika that they can’t have any food at groom’s house. Dipika advises them that they can go to Sarika’s house and cook food there. He did not know Dipika will be there. Piyush acts clever, but his plan fails. Sarika gets angry hearing Piyush and scolds him.

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