Spoilers — 23rd May 2016



Simar/fly is irritating everyone in the house. The family members are troubled by the fly. Chandramani has called for pest control. Chandramani and fake Simar starts the medicine for making that fly go out. Simar/fly is not affected by the smoke and gets saved. Chandramani’s plan fails.


Adi goes to get Raman arrested by police. Adi lands in police station to complain about Raman and defends Ishita. He blames Raman’s anger by which Ishita left home seven years ago. Raman slaps Adi. Raman asks Adi to just shut up. Adi says I will not let anyone torture my mother. The families were fighting about Ishita’s return. Now Raman and Adi’s fight reached police station. The things got ugly between Raman and Adi. Adi loses his temper and files complaint against Raman. Ishita gets shocked knowing this and goes to get Raman out.

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant


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  1. OMG……What the he’ll plz don’t separate swasan…I love them from core of my heart….
    Plz don’t make swara fall for sail. .but sahil to fall for swara…

    1. she shouted laksh when she woke up

  2. wat happened to my old yhm

  3. lovely I want in real that thhaaan will confess their love soon..anyways enjoying the track……

  4. Tried of same ole story

    Kum kum .why prolong Tani and Nikhill being caught. Soon ppl will loose interest and call for its removal.

    I stopped looking at it cause it’s just a different twist on a story a previous shows completed

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