Spoilers – 23rd June 2015


Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara has chosen Thapki for Dhruv and wants to test her abilities to see if she qualifies to become her daughter in law. Thapki is unaware of Vasundara’s intentions. Dhruv finds Thapki unique and sweet. He starts liking her. Vasundara thinks to keep Thapki always around Dhruv to keep a smile on his face. Vasundara does not know about Thapki’s stammering till now and that’s the one thing which will be bringing a new twist in the show.


Rudra meets Ashwathama and gets honor being the Garuda head. Rudra wins the battle with Ashwathama. The Garudas clear the task to get through the first door by using Charles and Rudra’s united powers. The Naags follow the Garudas and aim to get through the door after Garudas have won over Ashwathama.

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  1. nowadays kkb was vry Interesting. …I am vry big fan of kkb…but no spoilers of kkb…so sad….n disappointed. …plz add kkb nxt tym plzz…

  2. Matsh spoilers…my god….ishani do something..save RV

  3. N asna wat is kkb

  4. sanyu kkb means kumkum bhagya…do u watch this srl…? and sanyu can u ans my 1 doubt of dabh..(diya aur bati hum)??and sanyu u r frm whre..?

  5. Wat abt dabh say

  6. Kkb, mnmrz,tsm spoilers pls.. Thanks fr matsh,tpk..

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