Spoilers — 23rd February 2016


Somendra tries to save Sarojini from fire and sets off the fire with his hand. Sarojini is tensed and doesn’t know that he is Somendra and not Munna. Some more kapur fall in the fire and her saree catches fire. She loves Somendra and not Munna. Sarojini is in dilemma and thinks if he is Somendra and Munna. Sarojini doesn’t know that Munna was killed. She thinks Somendra only could save her by risking his own life. Sarojini’s confusion gets cleared.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan gets to know about Thapki working as maid in Pandey Nivaas and stands to support Thapki. He makes Thapki quit the maid work and tells her that he will earn money for them. Vasundara and her husband challenge Bihaan to give them 10000 Rs in 2 days. Bihaan accepts the challenge. He goes in search of job, but he didn’t get any job. Thapki decides to earn some money.

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Big twist strikes Kunj-Twinkle…

Saathiya Alert

Sandhya to find Arzoo’s hidden motives in Diya Aur

Kavya to pose new problems for Laksh’s family

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