Spoilers 22nd May 2017


Sita is crying knowing Ricky’s marriage news. She shares her sorrow with Jaggi. He explains her that some things are not in their control, whatever is happening is by Lord’s wish, whatever happens is for good. He knows Sita loves Ricky and wants to marry him. Sita was taking care of Ricky. She is hurt as Ricky is marrying his friend. Ricky’s Daima makes food for Jaggi. Jaggi sees Daima cooking in kitchen. He doubts that Daima is doing something wrong. He can’t find out her plans. Daima sees Jaggi spying on her. She says Jaggi can keep an eye on me, but he can’t know my plans. She does not want Jaggi to recover.


Riya’s haldi will be seen. Riya makes a big plan. Dayavanti applies her shagun haldi. Riya is worried by some matter. She looks unhappy. Riya was waiting for pre-marriage functions to begin. She was thinking a lot and making plans to win Neil after the engagement. Avni manipulates Riya and tells her that the sacrifice she is making for Dayavanti is not worth it. Riya gets in dilemma whether Neil is made for her or not.

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